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Illinois Independent Living Center and Katharine Manor Apartments

Yes! Illinois Independent Living Center and Katharine Manor Apartments welcomes volunteers!! 

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, IILC/KM welcomes volunteers because they bring much needed help, expertise and opportunity in assisting individual residents, as well as our organization overall. This connection with our community creates a greater awareness and appreciation for each other. The generosity of others' services also saves IILC/KM time and funds that we can put towards future fundraising efforts or make improvements in our building, living conditions and Personal Assistant Program.


FAQ about IILC/KM volunteers and volunteer opportunities:

Who volunteers for IILC/KM and what do they do?
Anyone who has something to offer, so it varies! Some of the tasks volunteers do are fundraising, landscape IILC/KM's grounds, odd jobs, party arrangements and preparations, and work with Residents individually (see photos below).

When does IILC/KM utilize volunteers?
Whenever volunteers request the opportunity to help out, and whenever IILC/KM Residents or Management seek out volunteers for specific reasons. We've been very fortunate to have wonderful, generous people who voluntarily give their time, effort and resources to IILC and KM's Boards of Directors, residents, and the building's needs overall. However, we always welcome new volunteers! 

What does the volunteer coordinator do and how can I contact her?
Mrs. Allen, a volunteer herself, is currently our volunteer coordinator, and she seeks out individuals, groups and organizations to assist either individual Residents or Management with various projects and coordinates all parties involved so they can complete their mission. The volunteer coordinator welcomes any and all input regarding how to connect with others who would like to volunteer their time, effort and expertise to build up IILC/KM opportunities for its residents.

Contact the volunteer coordinator by calling IILC/KM at (630) 355-0077, ext. 11 or fill out the "Contact" form below.


Summer partyGolfing outing to raise money


Board Members

Board members and their freinds and families are instrumental in the fundraising for ILLC/KM; they also plan social events throughout the year for residents, members of the community, and other volunteers of IILC/KM.

 A Naperville North High School student helping a residentHigh school student helping a resident.North Central College students volunteer



Many students from the surrounding Naperville schools and North Central College have come to do various tasks, i.e., helping around residents' apartments, car washing, storages reorganization, you name it!

Sometimes students might receive credit for class and sometimes they just organize among themselves to give back.

 Ss. Peter and Paul church in Naperville has supplied volunteers who provide and distribute food to the residents of IILC/KM. Community United Methodist Church has helped many of our residents with individual needs. Plus, several of our Voluneer Coordinators heard of IILC/KM and come here, because they were parishoners of CUMC.



Parishoners of various churches have contributed their time, resources, and money to support IILC/KM. Some do laundry and housework for the residents, some bring food & toiletries privately and from Loaves and Fishes, and some donate generously monetarily among other types of contributions. Everything is appreciated.




Youth groups have worked with residents individually inside and outside of their apartments (errands, shopping, etc.). Adults Kiwanis have painted the interior of IILC/KM building. Scouts landscaped and even designed and constructed our back patio as well as built this wheelchair accessible picnic table.




Countless kind-hearted volunteers have dedicated their time and energy to making life easier for  people with disabilities.

Agnes has been involved with IILC/KM for 20 years and has done anything and everything to elevate the quality of IILC/KM as a whole. She has worked in and around the building, has herself been a volunteer, volunteer coordinator, friend and party planner for any residents that need her. 

Sharon did a remarkable job of helping with IILC/KM's landscaping for years. She is one among many who have made a tremendous difference here.

Denny has been a real asset to our fundraising efforts from planning, to decorating to reaching donors.

Please call (630) 357-0077, ext. 11, or submit the form below if you would like to volunteer, have volunteer activity ideas, know how to reach other volunteers, or would like to contact the volunteer coordinator:
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Thank you very much! 

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